Saturday, June 24, 2017

Texas Tornado

Book: Texas Tornado (Freebirds #5)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Summary: Shiloh’s whole life has been turned upside down, plopped down in a city with a new half-brother who does not seem to like her she has to find her way and a place for her. James is struggling to not freak out on his ex who keeps placing fake calls on him and his relationship with his daughter, he’s not looking for a relationship. Even though neither of them were looking for a relationship or for each other they somehow try to make it work even with all the strife against them. The only questions is if they really do make it work.

Review: I love this story and I love James and Shiloh and the insane struggles they had to go through. My only complaint is how Sam and Cheyenne  play out in this story. I mean honestly it kind of made me super not like them even though I love them in their love story or the first book, so it was hard to take in what jerks they were in this story. However even this did not take away from how amazing this story is and how much I love James and Shiloh’s relationship as well as the deep connection with Jamie.  I just love all these stories and Lani literally pulls me in every single time and even though I have read these stories before every time I get pulled in again and again. The story also does such a great job of balancing drama, suspense and funny banter to play together in a spectacular way. This is definitely a series that I would recommend to anyone and everyone and know that they would love it just as much as I do.