Friday, June 30, 2017

Soul of a Woman

Book: Soul of a Woman (The Dark Souls #2)
Author: Jamie Begley

Summary: How can you save someone who doesn’t want to be saved?

For Broni, being stranded on Earth was not the worst possible thing that could happen. Given the opportunity to finally meet Rhys Stone, she decides to take what she can get with what time she has left before her enemies find her.

Rhys is forced to live again by a woman who doesn’t understand the word no, and has no shame in offering him anything he wants. She thinks she can make him love again, make him into the man he once was. It was a battle doomed to failure until Fate steps in showing him that if Broni doesn’t survive, no one will…

Review: I cried ugly tears and my heart literally hurt for Broni and Rhys and Jamie Begley hurt me but in a good way. Man this book has so many down’s in the plot line that when the up’s finally came I wasn’t sure the book was ever going to end happy. It was also interesting (Spoiler) when Rhys and the warrior’s souls joined together and became one, it was kind-of confusing and took a while to understand, but by the end I’m glad that it wasn’t just Rhys and that he finally figured out who he is. However I did not like the part of the story where after Rhys and Broni stopped sleeping together he became this huge manwhore. I get why it was in the story, but it broke my heart and in reality if this ever happened to me I could never be with that man again no matter how madly in love I was with him. I also think this was why it was so hard for me to accept the blending of Rhys's soul and the Warrior’s soul.