Friday, June 30, 2017

Soul of A Man

Book: Soul of A Man (The Dark Souls #1)
Author: Jamie Begley

Summary: Cara, a powerful Moirae, finds herself stranded on Earth made human by an enemy of her mother, Fate. Lost and alone, she is forced to accept the reluctant help of Jericho Hawk. Jericho is determined not to become involved with Cara, even as their sexual attraction for each other cannot keep them apart. When Cara's Cousin Grimm appears and proves Cara's crazy stories are actually true, he must overcome the horrors her mother is responsible for to gain an eternity with the woman he has come to love.

Review: I'm a huge fan of Jamie Begley's MC series and I don't know how I missed this series but I'm glad I found it. This book was so interesting and if you like the different Norse and Greek Gods then you would love this story. Cara is the daughter of Fate and gets sent into the human world on Earth by her mother's enemy. She is a character with a lot of strength to go through so many trauma's. Jericho is a troubled soul that is fighting is way through life and you can't help but bleed for him and all he has gone through. This story was super intense and you get sucked into the plot line and the different story lines going on. I love the blending of the different God's and learning about Fate and Destiny and the huge part they play in the world. My only real "complaint" is that if you didn't know about the different Gods and such, then this story would be extremely confusing and for quite a bit of the beginning I was lost and it took some chapters to find my feet on who the different characters were. Other than that great story and fun start to a series.