Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Book: Maverick (Carter Brothers #5)
Author: Lisa Helen Gray


I'm the eldest of five brothers.
Brothers I fought to protect.
Brothers I failed.

They don't know the truth. I've kept secrets. Told them lies.

And now everything I've worked so hard to keep hidden is about to explode and everyone I wanted to protect will be caught in the crossfire.


Meeting him was fate.

Him being a part of my past was a coincidence.

Falling for him was my destiny.

What happens after... THAT is a disaster.

Not intended for readers under the age of 18 due to sexual content and strong language. Contains strong subject matters that some may find unsettling.

Review: I’m not gonna lie I waited a long time for this book, because from day 1 or from Malik’s story I have loved Maverick. This story was amazing and learning more about Maverick and his past made me cry, and it makes him so much more amazing that he has come so far. I also love love love Teagan and her daughter and I think Lisa Helen does a great job at making these amazing characters so relatable and real and makes you wish that you knew them in real life. I love this series so much and it definitely makes me sad that this is the end (so hear me Lisa Helen and write about the kids!! :)) This was a great ending to an amazing series and I thought there was just enough drama to keep you interested and into the story. I would also reccomend this story and this whole stories to anyone and everyone who loves a good romance.