Saturday, April 29, 2017

Midnight Soul

Book: Midnight Soul (Fantasyland #4)
Author: Kristen Ashley

Summary: Vice Cop Noctorno Hawthorne has somehow found himself wrapped up in a new world of magic, parallel universes and identical twins. When he goes to the other world to help them against the onslaught of evil he didn’t know that he would actually be going and finding his destined love. Franka is a woman hidden behind a mask, a mask that she wears well. She convinces herself that the mask is really her true form and that she really does have a “midnight soul” however when things beyond her control show her true form and feelings her world begins to change. She goes with Noc back to his world to find herself and who she really is and maybe along the way to find out what love really means.

Review: Franka is my hero! I mean in all the other books (especially in Broken dove and her cattiness to Maddie) you just love to hate her! Then when you find out the true reason for the way she is your heart breaks a little for her. But then along comes Noc to get her out of a rut and to show the others how amazing she really is! He is my modern day prince and if he wants to drive his motorcycle into my life right about now that would be perfect! I love how much drama each of these books but Kristen Ashley does an amazing of making it the perfect amount of drama! These books suck you in shake you around mess with your heart and emotions and then spits you out at the end! By Far Kristen Ashley has made her way to being in my top 5 authors! I would recommend any of her books to anyone who loves romance, drama, hot men and beautiful relationships!