Thursday, April 27, 2017


Book: Fantastical (Fantasyland #3)
Author: Kristen Ashley

Summary: When Cora Good went to sleep that night it was in her own bed and in this world, but when she wakes up she’s in a parallel universe where animals talk to her, furniture can move. At first she thinks this a dream but then she does something awful and a curse is let loose, she realizes not only is this all real, but very very scary. She also discovers in this world she is married to Noctorno a fantasy hot man who seems to hate her, well actually everyone hates her. She tries to get Tor and the others to see her for as she is, and they work together to navigate this crazy world and their relationship. There are many bumps along the way and a lot of traveling between both worlds before they are able to figure out what they mean to each other!

Review: So how crazy/insane/completely terrifying would it be to wake up in a different world??? SO crazy and then to wake up and find out your married (to a super hot guy) You accidently make your sister disappear and find out that the whole country including your husband hates you! So I love this story and the drama that plays out between Nico and Cora, but when he pretty much says he doesn’t believe in Cora and who she is I’m not gonna lie I ugly cried! My heart just broke and I think that Kristen Ashley does this in her writing! When you feel the characters emotions as your own you know this an amazing story and an amazing writer! This series is so fun and I love being introduced to this crazy fun and wishful (as in I want to live there!) series.