Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Champion

Book: My Champion (Bewitched and Bewildered #7)
Author: Alanea Alder

Summary: Declan Lionhart (obviously a lion shifter:) has been in Noctem Falls (Vampire City) for many years and he spends most of his time (other than unit duties) running interference between the Founding Families and the citizens of Noctem falls. He wanted to simply be a unit warrior but is being pulled into the political legacy that his family has given him. He meets his mate in an unexpected way and from that moment on his whole world changes. Kari though hates Noctem Falls and all it stands for and wants to go back to the city with her younger brother. She’s happy and thrilled to have found her mate but navigating this politically charged city, dealing with ferals (Reapers) and a crazy Meryn is more than she seems to be able to handle. However over time and a few crazy disasters she learns to love the city and the people in it. However with their being so much chaos in the city, will Declan and Kari be able to piece together a life?

Review: I feel like a lion shifter would have to be my favorite, I mean who doesn’t want to cuddle with a huge cat that is warm, fuzzy and purrs? Yes please! I think that Alanea Alder does an amazing job of introducing new characters and making them somehow seamlessly work with the storyline and makes you feel like they have always been in the story from day one! She is amazing at making characters really come to life and makes you think that you are truly a part of their life! I also love witnessing the growing relationship between Declan and Kari and love how the story unraveled. When you have a series, especially a long one like this you start to worry about the author losing some of their “magic” but in this case she doesn’t lose any magic but instead makes each story better and better!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Midnight Soul

Book: Midnight Soul (Fantasyland #4)
Author: Kristen Ashley

Summary: Vice Cop Noctorno Hawthorne has somehow found himself wrapped up in a new world of magic, parallel universes and identical twins. When he goes to the other world to help them against the onslaught of evil he didn’t know that he would actually be going and finding his destined love. Franka is a woman hidden behind a mask, a mask that she wears well. She convinces herself that the mask is really her true form and that she really does have a “midnight soul” however when things beyond her control show her true form and feelings her world begins to change. She goes with Noc back to his world to find herself and who she really is and maybe along the way to find out what love really means.

Review: Franka is my hero! I mean in all the other books (especially in Broken dove and her cattiness to Maddie) you just love to hate her! Then when you find out the true reason for the way she is your heart breaks a little for her. But then along comes Noc to get her out of a rut and to show the others how amazing she really is! He is my modern day prince and if he wants to drive his motorcycle into my life right about now that would be perfect! I love how much drama each of these books but Kristen Ashley does an amazing of making it the perfect amount of drama! These books suck you in shake you around mess with your heart and emotions and then spits you out at the end! By Far Kristen Ashley has made her way to being in my top 5 authors! I would recommend any of her books to anyone who loves romance, drama, hot men and beautiful relationships!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Broken Dove

Book: Broken Dove (Fantasyland #4)
Author: Kristen Ashley

Summary: Apollo Ulfr lost his wife Isla, he knows about the parallel universe and that there is another Isla in that world and so he will do anything and everything to bring her over here to this world. However Isla from that world is married to Apollo’s twin who is an evil man and done awful things to her and she is hesitant to trust again. She is nothing like “his” Isla and so the two must learn to get along to fight the evil that is heading their way. They also have to learn to live with them being different than their twin and learn to navigate a new relationship. However this will be tricky because two little people have a whole lot to say and od with the situation.

Review: This book gave me MAJOR feelings! I mean like ugly girl crying at certain points! First of all I love love love Apollo but he also drove me crazy at the same time! I mean what does he expect to happen when he finds the twin of his dead wife? For her to magically be the exact same person that he  lost? But I love Isla or as she is renamed Maddie for the strength she has, surviving a awful marriage, miscarrying twice and then finding herself in this crazy new world with the twin of her husband who is actually kind-of nice. During the book  you can’t help but root for them to be together and find love, but man when Maddie overhears the servants gossiping my heart broke for her and I wasn’t sure if it would be able to be fixed. Then here comes Kristen Ashley with this other complete plot change and somehow all the problems work out for themselves and everything in the end is perfect! YAY! Plus the whole all of them pregnant at the same time (LOVE!!!)

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Book: Fantastical (Fantasyland #3)
Author: Kristen Ashley

Summary: When Cora Good went to sleep that night it was in her own bed and in this world, but when she wakes up she’s in a parallel universe where animals talk to her, furniture can move. At first she thinks this a dream but then she does something awful and a curse is let loose, she realizes not only is this all real, but very very scary. She also discovers in this world she is married to Noctorno a fantasy hot man who seems to hate her, well actually everyone hates her. She tries to get Tor and the others to see her for as she is, and they work together to navigate this crazy world and their relationship. There are many bumps along the way and a lot of traveling between both worlds before they are able to figure out what they mean to each other!

Review: So how crazy/insane/completely terrifying would it be to wake up in a different world??? SO crazy and then to wake up and find out your married (to a super hot guy) You accidently make your sister disappear and find out that the whole country including your husband hates you! So I love this story and the drama that plays out between Nico and Cora, but when he pretty much says he doesn’t believe in Cora and who she is I’m not gonna lie I ugly cried! My heart just broke and I think that Kristen Ashley does this in her writing! When you feel the characters emotions as your own you know this an amazing story and an amazing writer! This series is so fun and I love being introduced to this crazy fun and wishful (as in I want to live there!) series.