Monday, January 9, 2017

Until Trevor

Book: Until Trevor (Until #2)
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Summary: Trevor Mayson has meet his “boom” and she is everything he could have ever wanted. However she doesn’t fit into his plans and so he pushed her away, but when she starts to move on Trevor just can’t stand by and watch her leave. The more he tries to stay away the more intense his feelings become until he realizes that he can’t life without her. Liz Hayes is done waiting for Trevor, her heart was broken the first time he left and she isn’t sure she can go through it again. She has already lost so much in her life the question is will be willing to ever trust Trevor again?

Review: So I am a huge fan of Aurora Rose Reynolds and her books and I love the #BOOM! Each book is just as great as the last with an Alpha Male and a strong heroine that make your heart melt when they get together! However out of the four Mayson brothers Trevor is probably my least favorite (but by no means is he not an awesome lead male and if it came down to it I would marry him in a heartbeat:)) I just feel like it took me longer to warm up to him because I feel like at the beginning he seemed to give up on Liz and left her alone because he was scared and although that is totally okay it doesn’t seem to really fit him and his character of a charge ahead and work through any problem. However I did love Liz and I felt for her and for anyone who ever loses a parent at a crucial age and how that changes your believe system. Overall this is still a great story, with amazing characters a plot that sucks you in and an overabundance of alpha maleness that fills your heart with Joy!