Monday, January 16, 2017

Until Nico

Book: Until Nico (Until #4)
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Summary: Sophie Grates has never had it easy and is just living a day at a time. When she meets Nico Mayson her whole world changes in just an instant. Nico is more than ready for his “boom” and doesn’t mind coming on strong to show Sophie how much he cares. Sophie though isn’t too sure of herself, Nico and this relationship as a whole. It will take Nico’s strong will and Sophie’s determination for them to get that happily ever after story!

Review: *Spoiler* So I love Aurora Rose Reynolds and her books but sometimes I get just a wee bit tired of all the “accidental” pregnancies - I mean you would think that this family would learn how to put on a condom by know! I do love the “accidental” pregnancy stories and it never stops me from reading a book, but this series seems to have one and sometimes even two a story so if you are reading the books back to back it can be a bit much. That being said I still love this story and still rate it 5 stars because of how awesome it is! I love Nico (another great Mayson brother - I would be willing to take any of them if there was one left over! :) he is just so amazing and I love the Alpha tendencies that pop up and how protective he is! I’m not going to lie I just love that in a man!!!