Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Until Lilly

Book: Until Lilly (Until #3)
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Summary: Cash Mayson has to make a hard choice, choosing between the love of his live or the life of his unborn child. He chooses his child, but years later learns that by leaving behind Lilly he left behind so much more than just his heart. Lilly Donovan has just moved back to Tennessee when she runs into Cash, she isn’t sure that she wants him back in her life for herself but is willing to allow him in for the sake of his daughter a daughter he never knew he had. Cash and Lilly must work through their past relationship, a crazy ex and a stalker coming for Lilly. Will they make it or will this be too much for the both of them?

Review: I totally get why Cash broke up with Lilly when he did and props to him for trying to step up and be a Dad which is not something that a lot of men would do! As much as I hated that it happened and that Cash’s ex was such a crazy person (although she kind of redeemed like 5% of her worth at the end) I do think the drama was necessary for them and their relationship. At the beginning Lilly is so unsure of herself but having to travel the heavy road by herself really made her grow and mature and I think made her able to handle Cash a little more. I loved this story and I also loved the two kids and how they interacted together, I don’t know many 4 and 5 year olds who would handle learning they had a sibling so well! I just love this series and I love the way Aurora writes, each book is different but still maintains the general tone of what she wants! This is a series that I return to again and again and always have pre-ordered for the next book!