Friday, October 21, 2016

Until November

Book: Until November (Until #1)
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Summary: November has had more than enough with New York and had already made plans to leave when she is then attacked and only saved because a dog stops the man attempting to hurt her. November then adopts the dog, throws everything into car and drives to Tennessee to be with her father. While working at her dads strip club (as an accountant!) she meets Asher Mayson and from that point her life is changed. Asher never believed his father that finding his love would be like a “boom” but when he meets November he knows his father wasn’t lying. Asher will do anything to make November his and he as no problem moving as fast as he can to make sure that November knows she is his and that she is safe.

Review: Asher Mayson is the ultimate Alpha Man! I mean if I could pick any book boyfriend in the history of boyfriends it would be him! I love love love this book so much! I literally can read this book so many times because I love the story, I love Asher, I love November and just everything about this story! November is the she is so strong with all that she has gone through and still coming out on the other side amazing! She deserves someone like Asher to take care of her, love her and be her companion through life! I really really hope that there is a real Asher Mayson out there and that I find him for myself! I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone that loves a good romance and loves an Alpha!