Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tempting Tatum

Book: Tempting Tatum
Author: Kaylee Ryan

Summary: Tatum Thompson’s life was going perfectly when in an instant everything changes. Wanting a fresh start she moves from Ohio to Tennessee with her best friend. While there she meets the Richard’s family most especially she meets Blaise, a volunteer firefighter tattoo artist. Blaise has been hurt in the past and he usually has his guard up, but when he meets Tatum his walls are completely shattered. Blaise has to work extra hard to show Tatum that he wants her and not for one night but forever.

Review: I love Kaylee Ryan and her books SOOOO much! This was my first book of hers and since reading it I have been hooked to this book and to her as a writer. This book sucked me in, and tossed my heart around! Tatum is a character who has been through so much and you can’t help but root for her and fall in love with her. I love her strength and courage and can’t help but be inspired that there are actually millions of women who go through incredibly hard situations and come out on the other side! More power to you! Blaise is a straight up Alpha Male but with the cutest sweet side and I totally was wishing he was real (for myself of course!) Plus the secondary characters are awesome and add to the book and during the scenes you feel like you are a part of it. I loved this story so much and it's one where I have reread it and plan on rereading it many more times.