Monday, October 17, 2016

Just Say When

Book: Just Say When
Author: Kaylee Ryan

Summary: Ava Evans has been secretly in love with her older brother’s best friend for years. She’s been burying herself and her feelings in school for the last two years. By chance she runs into her crush Nate at the gym that he owns. Now neither of them can hide their feelings an longer and they are falling deeper and deeper in love. The only problem is they don’t know how Ava’s brother will react to their relationship.

Review: If you’ve never read a Kaylee Ryan book you NEED to!!! 1. They are amazing. 2. The stories are super powerful and well written. 3. The Characters and plot lines are the best! I especially recommend this to readers who like a good romance story that doesn’t have to be x-rated. (Not that the sexual tension isn’t extreme because it is, but they are not near as graphic as other books out there!) I love stories of lost loves/denied loves and this book is no exception to that love. I enjoy the simplicity to the story but it draws you in because of the depth to the characters! I think in my mind Kaylee Ryan’s biggest pro in her writing is what an amazing job she does on developing the characters and making each one vital to the story. You want to be friends with these people! I also love love love Nate in the story and is totally an amazing book boyfriend! I love his protectiveness and dead honesty with Ava and I wish more men were like this in real life!