Monday, October 17, 2016

Highway Don't Care

Book: Highway don’t care (Freebirds #2)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Summary: All Ember wants is Gabe, but right now she is mad at him. However when Ember is in trouble the first person she reaches out to is Gabe. When Gabe hears her phone call he drops everything and runs to save her and protect her. Ember’s life is now on the line, Gabe and his fellow soldiers will do anything to protect not only Ember but those around her. While they are fighting against a gang they run into more unexpected problems, what happens though when these problems start to work together?

Review: I love Lani’s books! 1. The Herione and Hero are always on point and super amazing together! 2. The Sex Scenes are HOT!!! 3. I want the Hero for myself 4. The Sex Scenes are HOT!!! 5. They are such well written stories that suck you in and take you along for a crazy and HOT ride.
That being said this is another one of her books that fit right in and has a great story! My only little “meh” to the plot line is that there seems to be so much going on so fast that it takes away from the overall storyline. I mean how many times can a character get hurt and bad stuff happen to them - this is not real life and if it is I am so sorry for them! That being said the plot is still amazing and it is still a book that I have reread and would read again and again!