Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Title: Boomtown (Freebirds #1)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Summary: Cheyenne was having a pity party for herself at the bar, it was her birthday she was alone and just wanted to meet a man who could rock her world. When Sam sees her at the bar he knows she is his but he doesn’t think he deserves someone like her! He takes her home but the next day is gone. However they live in a small connected world that throws them together and they must hold on tight to each other because someone is out there trying to get to them both.

Review: I Love this book and to know this is an author's first book means it can only get even better! I love that Cheyenne is totally crazy and nuts but is also super family oriented and willing to help out her brother by raising his daughter while he was away in Iraq. There was a ton of suspense in this book that kept you reading as quick as you could trying to figure out who the bad guy was and when he would strike next. I loved the tension of the suspense that was then broken up with some amazingly hot Sex scenes and then some hysterical banter between all the different characters. I also read in some other reviews that people were unhappy with the editing but honestly for me I was so sucked into the story and what was happening that I didn’t even notice any major errors! Obviously editing mistakes can and do happen but the story was so beyond amazing that I am never going to take away from an author's star rating for a few grammatical errors (especially when I know if I wrote a book the whole thing would be one big error!) My only “downfall” to the book was that it was just a bit too long and some of the things that happened with the “bad guy” didn’t always seem necessary. Plus not going to lie the funeral totally did me in (I know it might have been necessary, but holy moly was I a hot mess during that scene)  So overall I just loved this book and story and the cast of characters.