Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Book: Bender (The Core Four #1)
Author: Stacy Borel

Summary: Keegan needs out of her house A.S.A.P.! She loves her family but if she doesn’t leave and get out and soon her dream of becoming a Nurse will fly of the window. She hunts for a place to stay and for a roommate and she thinks she has found the perfect place, that is until she meets her roommate. Camden is a sexy man with a crap attitude, or so Keegan believes. The two of them live with constant sexual attraction and the real question is will they give into that attraction or will they walk away from each other.

So I super enjoyed this book overall! I love Keegan and Camden but really sold me on the story was the side characters - I love love love Macy and Dodger and can’t wait for their book! If you also like book that are super hot and graphic with sex scenes this book is definitely for you! The scene in Camden’s gym - you need to check it out - It made me want to join a gym just so I could explore this! As much as I enjoyed those scenes and the book I did think that overall there was a lot of different situations going on and so the plot would get confusing and you never felt like you got a break from one bad situation to the next. Also I totally get Keegan dating other people when she and Camden weren’t together, but sleeping with said person while Camden is home - Yeah no. He should of been storming in and flipping out on the dude - but this is just my personal preference in my book boyfriends! :) Side note: The amount of Baseball references was the BOMB since I’m a huge baseball fan too! Overall a great book that I would recommend to anyone and I can’t wait for the future books in the series!