Wednesday, March 16, 2016

If He's Wicked

Book: If He's Wicked (Wherlocke #1)
Author: Hannah Howell

Summary: Chloe Wherlocke and her family are special and have what they call "gifts" that allow them to know things. These powers have allowed Chloe and her family to know about the murderous plot against Lord Julian Kenwood and his young son. The only problem is, is getting Lord Julian to realize the problem as well as that the powers the Wherlocke's have are real and alive. Julian and Chloe must work together (with others obviously) to solve the mystery, catch the bad guys and protect everyone else. Along the way there will be some romance, lust and a little love as well.

Review: I am IN LOVE with this series because it combines some of my favorite things! It combines historical romance, with some witchy/magical powers and a mystery as well! If you love any of those three things then you need to read this book/series so you can fall in love with a wonderful story! I love that this story has this crazy amazing story line that draws you in and never spits you out until the end of the story because it was such a great read. Hannah Howell does an amazing job of creating this world that is a mix of aristocracy a crazy insane murderous mystery, some awesome powers that let people into the minds of other and some wit every now and then. The powers the Wherlocke's and there cousins the Vaughn's have are something that we all think about in real life and to see it (okay read about it) is so cool and I love reading all about it.