Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Turbulent Sea

Book: Turbulent Sea (Drake Sisters #6)
Author: Christine Feehan

Summary: Joley Drake is well known rock superstar that is followed everywhere she goes. She like her sisters has been given many gifts and one of her's is the gift of her voice, that has the power to enrapture people if used in harmful ways. Ilya Prakenskii is a bodyguard with his own hidden magical talents and he is more than aware of the power that Joley has. While Ilya is working for a Russian mobster he is unable to let his "awareness" of Joley go by and when her life is threatened while she is on tour he will do anything within his power to keep her safe. During this time the two grow closer and closer and their hidden love for each other becomes more and more public for everyone to see. The question is will they be able to work through all their issues and still come out on the other side?

Review: This book is a little different from the others in the sense that the story/ main plot line is beyond twisted and super dark and deep and deals with situations that are extremely dark and things that I know go on in the real world but wish didn't. Things like insane amounts of drugs at parties, underage girls, kidnappings, Russian Mobsters and so much more. I think that Ms. Feehan did a great job with these topics, but them into light for people to see and then created this beautiful love story around it! I love Ilya and how tough he is and the way he treats Joley is beautiful! It is also a super fun introduction to a male magical line and the idea that there potentially could be more out there (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge) This was a great read and makes it hard to believe that this series is almost over.