Monday, February 1, 2016

Safe Harbor

Book: Safe Harbor (Drake Sisters #6)
Author: Christine Feehan 

Summary:Hannah Drake is a world renowned super model, but deep inside is an extremely shy and quiet woman who yearns for home. She also yearns for Jonas Harrington and his love but believes he wants nothing to do with her. Jonas however has always loved Hannah and before he figured out that she is shy, he thought she was stuck up and snobby and wanted nothing to do with him. Now that he knows that isn't true he wants her and not just for a night but for forever. However he wants her to give up her job, something she hates and he hates as well. When she goes to finish a job tragedy strikes, to the point that neither of them are sure they will come out alive. They with the Drake family must work together to solve the mystery of who hates Hannah, and heal each other at the same time.

Review: I have to say that I waited SO LONG for this book to come and I could not wait for Hannah and Jonas's relationship to play out in the main part of the book. I was not disappointed and even though this book was and is a hard book to read in the sense that I cry every single time, each time it gets better and better and I love it more and more. It is so touching to see their relationship and to see Jonas love Hannah through anything especially the trialing times. Every time I just would sigh and wish to have someone like Jonas in my life to love me so deeply and passionately. I also love seeing the amazing side of Magic play out in the story line and the power it has in this book world. Again this is a powerful story that keeps you engaged the whole time and you don't want to put it down but see it to the bitter end. Christine Feehan does an amazing job yet again in her character development her story line and overall general writing style. I just love this book and have reread it many, many times. *Spoiler* The scene with all the sisters reading their letters to Hannah - Tears every single time!