Monday, February 29, 2016


Book: Numbers (New Species #14-15)
Author: Laurann Dohner

Summary: 140 - Dana needs a vacation and decides to visit her brother at Homeland. While their she meets a New Species who she can relate with. They both lost someone they loved and at first when they meet they just need someone to talk to, but those talks turn into something much deeper and more meaningful. 

927 - Candi is a human that was thrown into a New Species cage when she was just a young girl. Candi and the New Species fall in love, but that love and trust is broken and they both believe the other is dead. However when Candi finally breaks out of her cage and makes her way to Homeland they realize that they are both alive. The question is will they be able to work through all the trials and tribulations they went through to create a deep mating. 

Review: The story of Mourn (140) and Dana is good and a cute little read, not as amazing as her other stories but all the same a wonderful short story that has you rooting for them! However the story of Hero (947) and Candi is what makes this story so amazing and completely tugs at your heart strings. No matter how many times I've read it every time I cry and feel my heart clench for the two of them. It's also so wonderful to see Hero (The New Species in the story about Valiant and Tammy) finally get his "Happily Ever After" and find his Mate. I loved the story and even though it is a "short" story its the perfect length and a favorite of mine!