Monday, February 29, 2016

Nauti Boy

Book: Nauti Boy (Nauti #1)
Author: Lora Leigh 

Summary: Rowdy Mackay has wanted Kelly Benton for years and this year is the time when he is going to finally give in and make her his. However when he gets back from his tour with the Marine's he comes home to a changed Kelly. A woman scared of her own shadow who was attacked and almost raped by a stalker. Rowdy will do anything and everything to catch the man who hurt her as well as make Kelly his. However he will have to earn Kelly's trust again as well as work around his cousins and their wants as well. The question is will he be able to save Kelly in time and help her heal or will he be too late.

Review: WARNING THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEART!!!! Spicy red hot with extra fire! This book is extremely hot and you can feel the sexual tension between Rowdy and Kelly and you yourself get caught up in those insane and hot feelings! That being said not only are the sex scenes so steamy one shouldn't wear glasses while reading in fear of fogging them up, the plot line is amazing too! You can't help but root for Rowdy and his crazy cousins to catch Kelly's stalker and to save her. You get caught up in the suspense as much as you do the extreme hotness of the story. Lora Leigh also does an amazing job of balancing out the suspense with the steamy so that you get the perfect balance of both in the story. This was a great start to a great series!