Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hidden Currents

Book: Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters #7)
Author: Christine Feehan

Summary: Elle Drake is the youngest and the most powerful of the Drake Sisters. Not only does she have the pressure of having multiple powers, but she also has to live up to carrying on the Drake line and family name. She also has many secrets including one that she keeps from everyone, except for her handler. However when she goes missing Sheriff Jackson Devaeu will do and kill anyone to get her back to Sea Haven and back to him. The question is do they get to Elle in time to heal her physically, mentally and spiritually?

Review: Christine Feehan definitely ends this series with a huge bang and with a book that is full of drama, mystery, sadness, true deep love, and a huge and amazing family and town. I LOVED this story, it definitely has some deep topics (rape, abuse etc) that would be hard for anyone to go through but the strength that Elle has is inspiring and even though you know that no she isn't real it still is inspiring because you know that people are like that in real life. I also think that insane deep love that Jackson has for Elle is so incredibly beautiful and seeing the layers behind Jackson was some of my favorite parts of the book, especially we have seen him in the other stories, but never knew too much about who he is as a person. Plus the final scene with the insane *Spoiler Alert* wedding scene was great and the changing of the house the best ending that anyone could ask for! I also enjoyed the "hint" at the next series for Sea Haven and if you were looking for it you could see what was going to come next! Overall this was an AMAZING series that was extremely well written and each story was great and I love the sisters and their men and this series!!!