Monday, February 1, 2016

Dangerous Tides

Book: Dangerous Tides (Drake Sisters #4)
Author: Christine Feehan 

Summary: Libby Drake is the level headed one of all the sisters. She is a doctor with a knack for healing people and is super down to earth. However she wants to be different and to break out of her shell. Ty Derrick is the opposite in the sense that he is an adrenaline junkie and although he is insanely smart he has such a hard time connecting with others. The two of them have always been "aware" of each other but until a freak accident happens and Libby is compelled to heal him even though the costs to herself and her sisters is huge. After the accident Ty is now not willing to leave Libby to herself but wants to be with her forever. The two of them though have to figure out who is out to get Libby and is the accident that happened to Ty really an accident or something more sinister. 

Review: I love Ty and Libby and their relationship is hilarious. I love Ty's humor especially when dealing with all of Libby's sisters. When he rattles off what Libby was wearing back in college is THE BEST. I also just really enjoy the amazing relationship between all the sisters and how they work together as a group which is so rare when dealing with sisters especially that many together. I think this book so far in the series is the best one, especially for being a full length novel. You are kept in suspense the whole time about who is out to hurt Libby and Ty and it keeps you guessing and wondering for the whole book. I also think that Christine Feehan does an amazing job in her writing and gets 5 stars in all areas including character development, plot line, writing style and more. If anyone ever asks me for a book reference Christine Feehan's books are one of the first that I give out!