Monday, February 29, 2016


Book: Numbers (New Species #14-15)
Author: Laurann Dohner

Summary: 140 - Dana needs a vacation and decides to visit her brother at Homeland. While their she meets a New Species who she can relate with. They both lost someone they loved and at first when they meet they just need someone to talk to, but those talks turn into something much deeper and more meaningful. 

927 - Candi is a human that was thrown into a New Species cage when she was just a young girl. Candi and the New Species fall in love, but that love and trust is broken and they both believe the other is dead. However when Candi finally breaks out of her cage and makes her way to Homeland they realize that they are both alive. The question is will they be able to work through all the trials and tribulations they went through to create a deep mating. 

Review: The story of Mourn (140) and Dana is good and a cute little read, not as amazing as her other stories but all the same a wonderful short story that has you rooting for them! However the story of Hero (947) and Candi is what makes this story so amazing and completely tugs at your heart strings. No matter how many times I've read it every time I cry and feel my heart clench for the two of them. It's also so wonderful to see Hero (The New Species in the story about Valiant and Tammy) finally get his "Happily Ever After" and find his Mate. I loved the story and even though it is a "short" story its the perfect length and a favorite of mine! 

Nauti Nights

Book: Nauti Nights (Nauti #2)
Author: Lora Leigh

Summary: Dawg Mackay has dreamed of Crista Jenson for over 8 years and will do anything to get her in his bed. This includes blackmailing her (even if it is for her own good). Crista ran away from Dawg 8 years ago after a night of insane passion that Dawg doesn't even remember. Crista is being framed in a drug/terrorist conspiracy and has to rely on Dawg and his cousins to keep her safe and her out of jail. Will they be able to figure out in time who is framing Crista and what is really going on in their tiny Kentucky town?

Review: I have to say this is my favorite book in the series and no matter how many times I've read it (probably more than 10 times at least) I still love it. That being said this book is EXTREMELY sexual and I would not recommend to everyone. However if you like a story that has a major mystery, insanely hot sex scenes and a bunch of military men then this book is for you! I love the tension between Crista and Dawg and how much they both want/need/love each other but are unwilling to acknowledge their needs! It's a hilarious book that keeps you reading because 1. You want to know who is framing Crista 2. You want to read the spicy hot things Crista and Dawg do together (and they are insanely hot) 3. You want to read the banter between the two! 

Nauti Boy

Book: Nauti Boy (Nauti #1)
Author: Lora Leigh 

Summary: Rowdy Mackay has wanted Kelly Benton for years and this year is the time when he is going to finally give in and make her his. However when he gets back from his tour with the Marine's he comes home to a changed Kelly. A woman scared of her own shadow who was attacked and almost raped by a stalker. Rowdy will do anything and everything to catch the man who hurt her as well as make Kelly his. However he will have to earn Kelly's trust again as well as work around his cousins and their wants as well. The question is will he be able to save Kelly in time and help her heal or will he be too late.

Review: WARNING THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEART!!!! Spicy red hot with extra fire! This book is extremely hot and you can feel the sexual tension between Rowdy and Kelly and you yourself get caught up in those insane and hot feelings! That being said not only are the sex scenes so steamy one shouldn't wear glasses while reading in fear of fogging them up, the plot line is amazing too! You can't help but root for Rowdy and his crazy cousins to catch Kelly's stalker and to save her. You get caught up in the suspense as much as you do the extreme hotness of the story. Lora Leigh also does an amazing job of balancing out the suspense with the steamy so that you get the perfect balance of both in the story. This was a great start to a great series! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hidden Currents

Book: Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters #7)
Author: Christine Feehan

Summary: Elle Drake is the youngest and the most powerful of the Drake Sisters. Not only does she have the pressure of having multiple powers, but she also has to live up to carrying on the Drake line and family name. She also has many secrets including one that she keeps from everyone, except for her handler. However when she goes missing Sheriff Jackson Devaeu will do and kill anyone to get her back to Sea Haven and back to him. The question is do they get to Elle in time to heal her physically, mentally and spiritually?

Review: Christine Feehan definitely ends this series with a huge bang and with a book that is full of drama, mystery, sadness, true deep love, and a huge and amazing family and town. I LOVED this story, it definitely has some deep topics (rape, abuse etc) that would be hard for anyone to go through but the strength that Elle has is inspiring and even though you know that no she isn't real it still is inspiring because you know that people are like that in real life. I also think that insane deep love that Jackson has for Elle is so incredibly beautiful and seeing the layers behind Jackson was some of my favorite parts of the book, especially we have seen him in the other stories, but never knew too much about who he is as a person. Plus the final scene with the insane *Spoiler Alert* wedding scene was great and the changing of the house the best ending that anyone could ask for! I also enjoyed the "hint" at the next series for Sea Haven and if you were looking for it you could see what was going to come next! Overall this was an AMAZING series that was extremely well written and each story was great and I love the sisters and their men and this series!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Turbulent Sea

Book: Turbulent Sea (Drake Sisters #6)
Author: Christine Feehan

Summary: Joley Drake is well known rock superstar that is followed everywhere she goes. She like her sisters has been given many gifts and one of her's is the gift of her voice, that has the power to enrapture people if used in harmful ways. Ilya Prakenskii is a bodyguard with his own hidden magical talents and he is more than aware of the power that Joley has. While Ilya is working for a Russian mobster he is unable to let his "awareness" of Joley go by and when her life is threatened while she is on tour he will do anything within his power to keep her safe. During this time the two grow closer and closer and their hidden love for each other becomes more and more public for everyone to see. The question is will they be able to work through all their issues and still come out on the other side?

Review: This book is a little different from the others in the sense that the story/ main plot line is beyond twisted and super dark and deep and deals with situations that are extremely dark and things that I know go on in the real world but wish didn't. Things like insane amounts of drugs at parties, underage girls, kidnappings, Russian Mobsters and so much more. I think that Ms. Feehan did a great job with these topics, but them into light for people to see and then created this beautiful love story around it! I love Ilya and how tough he is and the way he treats Joley is beautiful! It is also a super fun introduction to a male magical line and the idea that there potentially could be more out there (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge) This was a great read and makes it hard to believe that this series is almost over. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Safe Harbor

Book: Safe Harbor (Drake Sisters #6)
Author: Christine Feehan 

Summary:Hannah Drake is a world renowned super model, but deep inside is an extremely shy and quiet woman who yearns for home. She also yearns for Jonas Harrington and his love but believes he wants nothing to do with her. Jonas however has always loved Hannah and before he figured out that she is shy, he thought she was stuck up and snobby and wanted nothing to do with him. Now that he knows that isn't true he wants her and not just for a night but for forever. However he wants her to give up her job, something she hates and he hates as well. When she goes to finish a job tragedy strikes, to the point that neither of them are sure they will come out alive. They with the Drake family must work together to solve the mystery of who hates Hannah, and heal each other at the same time.

Review: I have to say that I waited SO LONG for this book to come and I could not wait for Hannah and Jonas's relationship to play out in the main part of the book. I was not disappointed and even though this book was and is a hard book to read in the sense that I cry every single time, each time it gets better and better and I love it more and more. It is so touching to see their relationship and to see Jonas love Hannah through anything especially the trialing times. Every time I just would sigh and wish to have someone like Jonas in my life to love me so deeply and passionately. I also love seeing the amazing side of Magic play out in the story line and the power it has in this book world. Again this is a powerful story that keeps you engaged the whole time and you don't want to put it down but see it to the bitter end. Christine Feehan does an amazing job yet again in her character development her story line and overall general writing style. I just love this book and have reread it many, many times. *Spoiler* The scene with all the sisters reading their letters to Hannah - Tears every single time!

Dangerous Tides

Book: Dangerous Tides (Drake Sisters #4)
Author: Christine Feehan 

Summary: Libby Drake is the level headed one of all the sisters. She is a doctor with a knack for healing people and is super down to earth. However she wants to be different and to break out of her shell. Ty Derrick is the opposite in the sense that he is an adrenaline junkie and although he is insanely smart he has such a hard time connecting with others. The two of them have always been "aware" of each other but until a freak accident happens and Libby is compelled to heal him even though the costs to herself and her sisters is huge. After the accident Ty is now not willing to leave Libby to herself but wants to be with her forever. The two of them though have to figure out who is out to get Libby and is the accident that happened to Ty really an accident or something more sinister. 

Review: I love Ty and Libby and their relationship is hilarious. I love Ty's humor especially when dealing with all of Libby's sisters. When he rattles off what Libby was wearing back in college is THE BEST. I also just really enjoy the amazing relationship between all the sisters and how they work together as a group which is so rare when dealing with sisters especially that many together. I think this book so far in the series is the best one, especially for being a full length novel. You are kept in suspense the whole time about who is out to hurt Libby and Ty and it keeps you guessing and wondering for the whole book. I also think that Christine Feehan does an amazing job in her writing and gets 5 stars in all areas including character development, plot line, writing style and more. If anyone ever asks me for a book reference Christine Feehan's books are one of the first that I give out!