Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Book: Myles (Carter Brothers)
Author: Lisa Helen Gray

Summary: Kayla Martin has had a very rough last few years and she is now heading back to the scene of where it all started. She is headed back to high school and is very hesitant and anxious about what can happen while there. Myles Carter was always there for her four years ago and now that she is back not only is he there for her, but so is his whole family. The only question is if Kayla  will be able to work through her personal and emotional problems to be together as well as solve the other deep issues that Kayla has been hiding. 

Review: This book and story line are not for the faint of hearts but can I just say it is one of the best books I have read! I think that Ms. Gray not only wrote an amazing story with a deep plot and characters that are extremely developed but she also tackled some extremely dark and difficult topics with grace. Plus we get to see even more into the Carter Brothers and their situation and how amazing they are as a family. I can't imagine anyone going through what Kayla does in the story and I hope that if anyone is going through these same situations in real life and reads this story they are able to gather strength and courage in their own situation. I CAN NOT wait for the next book and so far this new series has become one of my top favorites!