Friday, October 21, 2016

Until November

Book: Until November (Until #1)
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Summary: November has had more than enough with New York and had already made plans to leave when she is then attacked and only saved because a dog stops the man attempting to hurt her. November then adopts the dog, throws everything into car and drives to Tennessee to be with her father. While working at her dads strip club (as an accountant!) she meets Asher Mayson and from that point her life is changed. Asher never believed his father that finding his love would be like a “boom” but when he meets November he knows his father wasn’t lying. Asher will do anything to make November his and he as no problem moving as fast as he can to make sure that November knows she is his and that she is safe.

Review: Asher Mayson is the ultimate Alpha Man! I mean if I could pick any book boyfriend in the history of boyfriends it would be him! I love love love this book so much! I literally can read this book so many times because I love the story, I love Asher, I love November and just everything about this story! November is the she is so strong with all that she has gone through and still coming out on the other side amazing! She deserves someone like Asher to take care of her, love her and be her companion through life! I really really hope that there is a real Asher Mayson out there and that I find him for myself! I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone that loves a good romance and loves an Alpha!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Book: Jameson (Brothers Ink #1)
Author: Nicole James

Summary: Jameson O’Rourke owns the primo tattoo shop in town, one he’s worked hard to build. And in his industry, he’s the current ‘it’ boy, the reigning King of Ink. His career is on fire, so hot television has even come calling. And as a result, the town bad-boy has now become the town’s favored son. Ava Hightower needs his face on her flyers, if she is to have any hope of her charity gala and bachelor auction being a success. Unfortunately, they get along like oil and water. He’s a hardheaded, controlling jerk, and she’s already had one run-in with the man. Asking him, of all people, for help is the last thing she wants to do. Not exactly a match made in heaven.Jameson doesn’t think too highly of Miss Hightower, either. To him, she’s just an uptight, stuck-up, know-it-all; a little Miss Goody-two-shoes. Not in a million years was she the type that he’d have anything to do with. Unfortunately she is also on the city council, and therefore has the ability to screw with his business.He needed her help once before, and she shot him down.Now the tables are turned, and she needs his help. Well, my, my, sweetheart, karma can be a cold-hearted bitch.But, hey, maybe he could work this to his advantage.You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, and all that crap.So they cut a deal. One he has no intention of ever having to fulfill, because he plans to make it impossible for her to keep her end of it.She thought she could outlast him. Guess again, sweet thing. She may be a stubborn woman, but she’s met her match. And he has no intention of letting her win this game.Be warned, sweetheart, because the King of Ink has plans to push your limits in ways you’ve never imagined.

Review: This is my first book by this Author and I am hooked into this series! The tension between the two characters is so intense you can’t help but get caught up in it. When Jameson finally shoves Ava against the wall I thought I was going to combust! It was so HOT!!! It was so intense and heated but was like a 3 on the meter of what is to come! Both Jameson and Ava are deep characters with a lot of deep issues that they have to work out that really create the story into what it is! I loved it and loved the whole storyline between the two! Plus who doesn’t love a good story about a once poor now rich tattoo artist who is taking care of his brothers! I mean great storyline from that alone! I can’t wait for the next brothers books and I hope they are just as great as this!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Holding Out

Book: Holding Out
Author: Lila Rose

Summary: Zara Edingway has not had an easy go of life but she, her daughter and her best friends are making the best of it. What Zara doesn’t know is that life is about to get a whole lot more complicated. This is due to Talon Marcus president of the Hawks MC and her neighbor. He has had his eye on Zara for awhile now and is ready to stake his claim but is going slow because he doesn’t want to scare her away. But when trouble starts to come her way Talon doesn’t hold anything back and will use every available tool to keep her and her family safe!

Review: I love a good motorcycle/MC book and I also love that are a ton of books out there with varying degrees of how “real” the MC lifestyle really is. This book is definitely more a laid back/ not so in your face with what actually goes on in the clubhouse. So if you are not into the total MC scene but you do love a great Alpha story then this is your kind of book! Zara is HILARIOUS especially when she gets together with her friend, the things that come out of her mouth are amazing! I also love the total Alphaness (new word maybe???)  that is Talon and how insanely hot he sounds when he is taking care of Zara/telling her what to do/ just overall being a crazy Alpha man!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Just Say When

Book: Just Say When
Author: Kaylee Ryan

Summary: Ava Evans has been secretly in love with her older brother’s best friend for years. She’s been burying herself and her feelings in school for the last two years. By chance she runs into her crush Nate at the gym that he owns. Now neither of them can hide their feelings an longer and they are falling deeper and deeper in love. The only problem is they don’t know how Ava’s brother will react to their relationship.

Review: If you’ve never read a Kaylee Ryan book you NEED to!!! 1. They are amazing. 2. The stories are super powerful and well written. 3. The Characters and plot lines are the best! I especially recommend this to readers who like a good romance story that doesn’t have to be x-rated. (Not that the sexual tension isn’t extreme because it is, but they are not near as graphic as other books out there!) I love stories of lost loves/denied loves and this book is no exception to that love. I enjoy the simplicity to the story but it draws you in because of the depth to the characters! I think in my mind Kaylee Ryan’s biggest pro in her writing is what an amazing job she does on developing the characters and making each one vital to the story. You want to be friends with these people! I also love love love Nate in the story and is totally an amazing book boyfriend! I love his protectiveness and dead honesty with Ava and I wish more men were like this in real life!

Highway Don't Care

Book: Highway don’t care (Freebirds #2)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Summary: All Ember wants is Gabe, but right now she is mad at him. However when Ember is in trouble the first person she reaches out to is Gabe. When Gabe hears her phone call he drops everything and runs to save her and protect her. Ember’s life is now on the line, Gabe and his fellow soldiers will do anything to protect not only Ember but those around her. While they are fighting against a gang they run into more unexpected problems, what happens though when these problems start to work together?

Review: I love Lani’s books! 1. The Herione and Hero are always on point and super amazing together! 2. The Sex Scenes are HOT!!! 3. I want the Hero for myself 4. The Sex Scenes are HOT!!! 5. They are such well written stories that suck you in and take you along for a crazy and HOT ride.
That being said this is another one of her books that fit right in and has a great story! My only little “meh” to the plot line is that there seems to be so much going on so fast that it takes away from the overall storyline. I mean how many times can a character get hurt and bad stuff happen to them - this is not real life and if it is I am so sorry for them! That being said the plot is still amazing and it is still a book that I have reread and would read again and again!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Book: Bender (The Core Four #1)
Author: Stacy Borel

Summary: Keegan needs out of her house A.S.A.P.! She loves her family but if she doesn’t leave and get out and soon her dream of becoming a Nurse will fly of the window. She hunts for a place to stay and for a roommate and she thinks she has found the perfect place, that is until she meets her roommate. Camden is a sexy man with a crap attitude, or so Keegan believes. The two of them live with constant sexual attraction and the real question is will they give into that attraction or will they walk away from each other.

So I super enjoyed this book overall! I love Keegan and Camden but really sold me on the story was the side characters - I love love love Macy and Dodger and can’t wait for their book! If you also like book that are super hot and graphic with sex scenes this book is definitely for you! The scene in Camden’s gym - you need to check it out - It made me want to join a gym just so I could explore this! As much as I enjoyed those scenes and the book I did think that overall there was a lot of different situations going on and so the plot would get confusing and you never felt like you got a break from one bad situation to the next. Also I totally get Keegan dating other people when she and Camden weren’t together, but sleeping with said person while Camden is home - Yeah no. He should of been storming in and flipping out on the dude - but this is just my personal preference in my book boyfriends! :) Side note: The amount of Baseball references was the BOMB since I’m a huge baseball fan too! Overall a great book that I would recommend to anyone and I can’t wait for the future books in the series!

My Guardian

Book: My Guardian (Bewitched and Bewildered #6)
Author: Alanea Alder

Summary: Meryn and Beth have been summoned by Beth’s uncle to the Vampire city Noctem Falls. Magnus needs their help to figure out what is going on in his city. His head Warrior Adriel is excited to have Beth back in the city but he is preoccupied with nightly nightmares. What he doesn’t realize is that these are actually mate dreams. He is shocked when he does meet a refugee tiger shifter named Eva. He is shocked because she is his mate and he is more than ready to have her as his. Can Eva, Meryn and Beth though figure out what is going on the vampire city or is this problem  even bigger than them?

Review: With each book this series has become my favorite series of all time and my go to to reread and to tell people about. I loved the transition of them going from the shifter city to know being in Noctem Fall the city of the vampires. We have some of our favorite characters there but we are know introduced to a new set of characters and new unit of soldiers. I love how Alanea does such a great job crafting each and every character and the ease of which they fit into the storyline. There are a ton of new people introduced but I was never once was confused. Then we have the amazing head warrior Adriel who is so proper but has then totally quirky side that comes out every now and then to shock you! Plus I love Eva and wish I could be here when I grow up! She is hilarious and completely knows how to handle Meryn so it makes the story even better! Honestly every time I read any books from this series I get sucked up into the world and I just love it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tempting Tatum

Book: Tempting Tatum
Author: Kaylee Ryan

Summary: Tatum Thompson’s life was going perfectly when in an instant everything changes. Wanting a fresh start she moves from Ohio to Tennessee with her best friend. While there she meets the Richard’s family most especially she meets Blaise, a volunteer firefighter tattoo artist. Blaise has been hurt in the past and he usually has his guard up, but when he meets Tatum his walls are completely shattered. Blaise has to work extra hard to show Tatum that he wants her and not for one night but forever.

Review: I love Kaylee Ryan and her books SOOOO much! This was my first book of hers and since reading it I have been hooked to this book and to her as a writer. This book sucked me in, and tossed my heart around! Tatum is a character who has been through so much and you can’t help but root for her and fall in love with her. I love her strength and courage and can’t help but be inspired that there are actually millions of women who go through incredibly hard situations and come out on the other side! More power to you! Blaise is a straight up Alpha Male but with the cutest sweet side and I totally was wishing he was real (for myself of course!) Plus the secondary characters are awesome and add to the book and during the scenes you feel like you are a part of it. I loved this story so much and it's one where I have reread it and plan on rereading it many more times.


Title: Boomtown (Freebirds #1)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Summary: Cheyenne was having a pity party for herself at the bar, it was her birthday she was alone and just wanted to meet a man who could rock her world. When Sam sees her at the bar he knows she is his but he doesn’t think he deserves someone like her! He takes her home but the next day is gone. However they live in a small connected world that throws them together and they must hold on tight to each other because someone is out there trying to get to them both.

Review: I Love this book and to know this is an author's first book means it can only get even better! I love that Cheyenne is totally crazy and nuts but is also super family oriented and willing to help out her brother by raising his daughter while he was away in Iraq. There was a ton of suspense in this book that kept you reading as quick as you could trying to figure out who the bad guy was and when he would strike next. I loved the tension of the suspense that was then broken up with some amazingly hot Sex scenes and then some hysterical banter between all the different characters. I also read in some other reviews that people were unhappy with the editing but honestly for me I was so sucked into the story and what was happening that I didn’t even notice any major errors! Obviously editing mistakes can and do happen but the story was so beyond amazing that I am never going to take away from an author's star rating for a few grammatical errors (especially when I know if I wrote a book the whole thing would be one big error!) My only “downfall” to the book was that it was just a bit too long and some of the things that happened with the “bad guy” didn’t always seem necessary. Plus not going to lie the funeral totally did me in (I know it might have been necessary, but holy moly was I a hot mess during that scene)  So overall I just loved this book and story and the cast of characters.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Title: Max (Carter Brother’s #4)
Author: Lisa Helen Gray

Summary: Max Carter is a notorious playboy and overall general bad boy and he likes it that way! He doesn’t care about getting in trouble and when he is punished for vandalising a church he knows that even his community service won’t change him or his ways. What he doesn’t know is that through this community service he will introduced to Lake Miller who will change his life forever. Lake is just trying to get through life, surviving one day at a time when she is found sleeping at the church and is taken in by the Carter family. She has no time for Max and his playboy ways at first, but in time the two must work together and learn from each other about relationships and what they mean.

Review: Max just like his brothers is an amazing character that makes you laugh, makes you cry and in the end makes your heart melt! I love Lisa Helen Grey as an author and highly recommend all of her books, but this series has a very special place in my heart! I love the 5 brothers, the women who come into their lives and the side characters who make their family complete. I love a book series that draws you in and is so well written that you feel a part of the book and the family! Max is one of my favorite characters in all of the other books and so I couldn’t wait for his book to come out! I loved the story and even the crazy sad parts where *spoiler* Max lets Lake go to be with her family is so incredibly moving that I cried reading about both of their hearts breaking! Lake and Max go through some troubling times in this story but my favorite thing is that the “hard” parts are so sprinkled in with the happy, hot and funny parts that you are able to recover and move on without the book being to sad. I love the relationship that comes about with Max and Lakes twin brother and how Lisa handles introducing new characters into the story that makes you feel they have been along for the ride. Some of my other favorite parts include - The Bachelor/Bachelorette party!!!! (So funny/sexy/spicy red hot!!) Seeing Hope all the time :) and just the general craziness that comes from the Carter Family! I also CANNOT wait for the next book! Maverick’s story looks to be an amazing addition/finale to this series!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

If He's Wicked

Book: If He's Wicked (Wherlocke #1)
Author: Hannah Howell

Summary: Chloe Wherlocke and her family are special and have what they call "gifts" that allow them to know things. These powers have allowed Chloe and her family to know about the murderous plot against Lord Julian Kenwood and his young son. The only problem is, is getting Lord Julian to realize the problem as well as that the powers the Wherlocke's have are real and alive. Julian and Chloe must work together (with others obviously) to solve the mystery, catch the bad guys and protect everyone else. Along the way there will be some romance, lust and a little love as well.

Review: I am IN LOVE with this series because it combines some of my favorite things! It combines historical romance, with some witchy/magical powers and a mystery as well! If you love any of those three things then you need to read this book/series so you can fall in love with a wonderful story! I love that this story has this crazy amazing story line that draws you in and never spits you out until the end of the story because it was such a great read. Hannah Howell does an amazing job of creating this world that is a mix of aristocracy a crazy insane murderous mystery, some awesome powers that let people into the minds of other and some wit every now and then. The powers the Wherlocke's and there cousins the Vaughn's have are something that we all think about in real life and to see it (okay read about it) is so cool and I love reading all about it. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Book: Ryder (Slater Brother #4)
Author: L.A. Casey

Summary: Branna Murphy is broken. For months now she has been a part of a one-sided relationship to a man she loves more than life itself. She prayed for a miracle, and hoped something would change, but found that was wishful thinking.

Talking didn’t work. Shouting didn’t work. Crying didn’t work. Nothing bloody worked.

Ryder Slater is furious. For months now he has been lying to a woman he would take a bullet for in order to protect her. He is involved in something that goes deeper than his old past, and if he strays off target, people will start to die. People he loves.

He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t slip up. He couldn’t lose focus. He couldn’t do a damn thing.

Things between Ryder and Branna are at rock bottom, and Ryder knows it. Not only will he be taking on a force that could destroy his whole family, but he will be battling tooth and nail to save his relationship and keep the love of his life by his side.

Review: This book is one emotional and twisted roller costar, and the thing is is that through all the crazyness everything works out perfectly and even better than they did before. I love how Ryder and Branna do work things out, but rather than jump back into a relationship the two of them work on creating a deep and meaningful relationship first by spending time together without sex to rebuild their bond. I also love how we get to see the depth behind Ryder and how much he does love Branna (although he would have saved himself a lot of grief and heartbreak if he just told her what was going on from the beginning) The flash backs are pretty interesting as well to see where their relationship started and how it ended up being so broken to then being fixed at the end. This is a book that was hard to read and not because it was bad, but rather because it pulled at the heart strings and your heart ache's for both Branna and Ryder and when the finally end up together it makes it all worth it! 


Book: Aideen (Slater Brothers 3.5)
Author: L.A. Casey

Summary: Aideen Collins is fed up. She is at her wits’ end with her eon long pregnancy, her new-found paranoia, but mostly she is fed up with her boyfriend’s constant hovering and nit-picking.

Kane Slater is happier than ever. He is about to become a father for the first time with the woman he loves. Little does he know that Aideen is both literally and figuratively a ticking time bomb. He just has to survive a few more weeks of murderous hormonal outbursts, and all will be well… or so he hopes.

They’re both caught up with the expected arrival of their little one, but in the back of their minds is a shadow that won’t fade away. Neither of them talk about it, but the shadow’s lingering presence casts doubt over their relationship.

Big Phil worked his way into their minds many weeks ago and rooted himself as the haunting figure. Without even trying, he ruins things and causes problems. He watches them from afar, hoping he can break their family.

Aideen’s instincts to protect her own are stronger than ever. If Big Phil wants to hurt those dearest to her, he is going to have one hell of a fight on his hands. 

Review: This is probably the only "inbetween" story that I actually like and that is more for the fact that we see the baby being born! This story was also much better than in the others, in the sense that I still enjoyed the characters and the things they got up too! It did also make me super crazy in wait for Ryder's book, the set up and leaving Branna and Ryder both so hurt made my heart ache in need to read their story!

Monday, March 7, 2016


Book: Kane (Slater Brothers #3)
Author: L.A. Casey

Summary:  Aideen Collins is a free spirit.

Kane Slater is a tortured soul. Literally. He is misunderstood by people, even feared by them thanks to the scars that mar his face and body. He likes his circle limited to his brothers and their girlfriends, but a thorn from an Irish rose is dug deep into Kane’s side, and her name is Aideen Collins.

Aideen and Kane don’t get along… at all. Aideen is the only woman who stands up to Kane and throws his bullshit back at him without fear of hurting him. Kane is the only man who can see right through Aideen's tough exterior. He knows her deepest, and darkest secrets. They can’t stand each other, but they want each other. Badly. They hide their need behind arguments, and banter, but when Kane drops his guard for all to see, and succumbs to an illness within his body, it’s Aideen who steps up to the plate to take care of him.

An illness is the least of their worries when a devil from Kane’s past comes back to play with him. Everybody in Kane’s life is threatened, and with his body fighting against him, he doesn’t know if the luck of the Irish is enough to keep his family safe and his demons at bay.

Review: Kane Slater sounds like one hot, hurt bad boy that needs a girl to help him get in touch with his sensitive side and I would have NO problem being that girl! I loved this story, seeing the two hot headed people who couldn't stand each other but you could taste the sexual frustration between the two of them! It was fun to see them come together in a story, work through Kane's diabetes, a baby on the way and Aideen's crazy brothers ( who would make a great next series ;) wink wink nudge nudge) It's also fun to just see all the other characters and to see Damien back with his family! (Except Branna and Ryder are giving me heart burn) 


Book: Keela (Slater Brothers #2.5)
Author: L.A. Casey 

Summary: Keela Daley is stressed out to the max. Right now she is busy packing all her belongings to move into a new (and huge) house that her fiance bought and even though she loves Alec Slater with all her heart, she does think things may be moving pretty fast. I mean who gets engaged after only knowing each other for a few weeks, now they are moving into a new place, talking about marriage and she can't help but fell weird about not helping out financially and she is keeping a big secret from Alec that has the potential to shock the couple and keep them from moving forward in their relationship. 

Review: Yet again it hurts me to give this a bad rating because it is well written and has some great parts, but it feels totally unnecessary and instead of adding more to the story line of Keela and Alec it seems to take away from their relationship. I totally get what L.A. Casey is trying to do with these "inbetween" stories, however for myself it missed the point and made me just frustrated with the characters. So although I read this because I felt like I had to for the story line, when I reread the stories I won't be reading this one just because I don't feel its 100% necessary. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Book: Alec (Slater Brothers #2)
Author: L.A. Casey 

Summary: Keela Daley can not stand most of the people in her family and this includes her "perfect" younger cousin Micah. However she is being forced to attend her cousins' wedding by her mother and to make matters worse the groom is Keela's ex who was just using her to make Micah angry. Keela's best friend talks her into asking/hiring Alec Slater to attend the wedding with her as her "boyfriend". Alec agrees to help her but has some stipulations and this includes sleeping with her. Keela hesitantly agrees and next thing she knows Alec is moving in with her and meeting her family. Things become a little crazy when they head to the Bahama's and meet up with the wedding party that includes some shady people from Alec's past. Will Keela be able to get away from the party with out being physically or emotionally hurt or will this be the wedding from hell?

Review: This book is CRAZY! I mean we get a blast from the past with seeing Jason and Micah from the first story and to hear more about what a jerk Jason is, I can't believe he is still alive! I have to say that I think Keela is my favorite character of all in this series (or at least chick wise!:) She is hilarious and when she gets in a fight and physically knocks Alec on his ass - best part hands down! I love her temper and personality in the story and you can't help but love her! This story also has so many twists and turns that I NEVER saw coming, I mean her aunt and Alec and another dude togehter - MIND BLOWN! I do have to say that I didn't give this a full 5 stars, mostly because I felt that there was a few too many plot twists and turns and holes and it was sometimes hard to keep up with what was all going on in the story and it made for sometimes confusing situations, but other than that this book was great! 


Book: Bronagh (Slater Brothers 1.5)
Author: L.A. Casey

Summary: Bronagh Murphy has been thru a lot in the past few years and now it is finally her 21st birthday and Dominic has some surprises for her to help her celebrate her day. However during the romantic day full of surprises lays another surprise on Bronagh and this time, it isn't a good one! Bronagh will have to decide for once and for all if she is going to stick with Dominic and fight in his corner or walk away from him forever. 

Review: First let me say that not giving this 5 stars was super hard for me and I hate to do it because I LOVED LOVED LOVED the first book so much. However I felt that this story was really not necessary and although there are some great points (Dominic making a book full of 100 things he loves about Bronagh *Swoon*) they did not make up for a story that just was not necessary. I also found it kind of frustrating/annoying/unexpected that Bronagh and Dominic were three years older then we last saw them and it felt like they were way less mature than before and arguing and getting physical with each other over nothing. I didn't like seeing this regression, I felt that the tension they had in the first book was perfect, but that there was way too much arguing/fussing in this book and made it look like their relationship is super unhealthy. I am glad that this book doesn't take away from the overall story of the first book but this short story is also not vital for the next book or for the overall storyline of Dominic and Bronagh and so for the most part is pretty unnecessary. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Book: Dominic (Slater Brothers #1)
Author: L.A. Casey 

Summary: Bronagh Murphy was isolated herself from the outside world for years. However when the Slater Brothers hit Ireland and Bronagh has a run in with Dominic Slater her whole world turns upside down. She does all she can to ignore Dominic and the feelings he places in her, but Dominic is not used to be ignored and will do anything (And he means anything) to get her attention. This book is a huge battle between Dominic and Bronagh and will it end with them together or farther apart then before. 

Review: This book is incredible and for it to be a debut novel, is awesome because one can only dream that it will get even better in the future. I love the characters in the story, the hardcore American Slater brothers with big personalities. Then we have Bronagh and her sister with big mouths that spew whatever they want. We then have intrigue with a drug dealer, hot brothers, a bunch of jealous feelings and even more going on. Throw it all together and out comes an awesome story that was a wonderful read! 

My Brother's Keeper

Book: My Brother's Keeper (Bewitched and Bewildered #6)
Author: Alanea Alder 

Summary: When Kendrick Ashwood hears his brother is dead/hurt/doesn't know what is going on with him he is willing to move the world to get to the Alpha Estate and figure out what is going on. When he gets there and discovers his brother has a potential mate he is thrilled, that is until he meets her. You see he himself has been dreaming about Anne and so they both are confused about the mating. So not only do they have to work through their confusion on the mating situation, but take care of Keelan, figure out who created the new protection border and who is behind the killing of the innocent shifters and their children. There are some crazy bombshells in this story that solve some questions and open up even more!
Review: Another winner from Alanea Alder and a wonderful addition to the Bewitched and Bewildered series. I have to say I was just a little (okay a lot) bummed that this book wasn't about Keelan, especially with how My Savior ends. However I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kendrick and his story needed/was super necessary to be told. It also made me fall in love with Keelan even more! (Keelan is totally my book boyfriend for this series!!!) Kendrick holds so much in the vault and when it explodes out ---- AMAZEBALLS!!!! This story and plotline become more and more twisted in a good way! It keeps you so interested and guessing not only who the bad guy is but also what they are doing with the souls/necklaces and more. Anne also adds a new face to the mix and is a different character and its just great to see all these different characters mix together in the house! I just love it and wish it was real for me to experience! My favorite part of the story is when Kendrick tells Meryn to just calm him a Time Lord - I DIED!!!! I love Alanea Alder and her books and I can't wait for more from this series and any other  books she decides to write because I know they will be amazing! 

Monday, February 29, 2016


Book: Numbers (New Species #14-15)
Author: Laurann Dohner

Summary: 140 - Dana needs a vacation and decides to visit her brother at Homeland. While their she meets a New Species who she can relate with. They both lost someone they loved and at first when they meet they just need someone to talk to, but those talks turn into something much deeper and more meaningful. 

927 - Candi is a human that was thrown into a New Species cage when she was just a young girl. Candi and the New Species fall in love, but that love and trust is broken and they both believe the other is dead. However when Candi finally breaks out of her cage and makes her way to Homeland they realize that they are both alive. The question is will they be able to work through all the trials and tribulations they went through to create a deep mating. 

Review: The story of Mourn (140) and Dana is good and a cute little read, not as amazing as her other stories but all the same a wonderful short story that has you rooting for them! However the story of Hero (947) and Candi is what makes this story so amazing and completely tugs at your heart strings. No matter how many times I've read it every time I cry and feel my heart clench for the two of them. It's also so wonderful to see Hero (The New Species in the story about Valiant and Tammy) finally get his "Happily Ever After" and find his Mate. I loved the story and even though it is a "short" story its the perfect length and a favorite of mine! 

Nauti Nights

Book: Nauti Nights (Nauti #2)
Author: Lora Leigh

Summary: Dawg Mackay has dreamed of Crista Jenson for over 8 years and will do anything to get her in his bed. This includes blackmailing her (even if it is for her own good). Crista ran away from Dawg 8 years ago after a night of insane passion that Dawg doesn't even remember. Crista is being framed in a drug/terrorist conspiracy and has to rely on Dawg and his cousins to keep her safe and her out of jail. Will they be able to figure out in time who is framing Crista and what is really going on in their tiny Kentucky town?

Review: I have to say this is my favorite book in the series and no matter how many times I've read it (probably more than 10 times at least) I still love it. That being said this book is EXTREMELY sexual and I would not recommend to everyone. However if you like a story that has a major mystery, insanely hot sex scenes and a bunch of military men then this book is for you! I love the tension between Crista and Dawg and how much they both want/need/love each other but are unwilling to acknowledge their needs! It's a hilarious book that keeps you reading because 1. You want to know who is framing Crista 2. You want to read the spicy hot things Crista and Dawg do together (and they are insanely hot) 3. You want to read the banter between the two! 

Nauti Boy

Book: Nauti Boy (Nauti #1)
Author: Lora Leigh 

Summary: Rowdy Mackay has wanted Kelly Benton for years and this year is the time when he is going to finally give in and make her his. However when he gets back from his tour with the Marine's he comes home to a changed Kelly. A woman scared of her own shadow who was attacked and almost raped by a stalker. Rowdy will do anything and everything to catch the man who hurt her as well as make Kelly his. However he will have to earn Kelly's trust again as well as work around his cousins and their wants as well. The question is will he be able to save Kelly in time and help her heal or will he be too late.

Review: WARNING THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEART!!!! Spicy red hot with extra fire! This book is extremely hot and you can feel the sexual tension between Rowdy and Kelly and you yourself get caught up in those insane and hot feelings! That being said not only are the sex scenes so steamy one shouldn't wear glasses while reading in fear of fogging them up, the plot line is amazing too! You can't help but root for Rowdy and his crazy cousins to catch Kelly's stalker and to save her. You get caught up in the suspense as much as you do the extreme hotness of the story. Lora Leigh also does an amazing job of balancing out the suspense with the steamy so that you get the perfect balance of both in the story. This was a great start to a great series! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hidden Currents

Book: Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters #7)
Author: Christine Feehan

Summary: Elle Drake is the youngest and the most powerful of the Drake Sisters. Not only does she have the pressure of having multiple powers, but she also has to live up to carrying on the Drake line and family name. She also has many secrets including one that she keeps from everyone, except for her handler. However when she goes missing Sheriff Jackson Devaeu will do and kill anyone to get her back to Sea Haven and back to him. The question is do they get to Elle in time to heal her physically, mentally and spiritually?

Review: Christine Feehan definitely ends this series with a huge bang and with a book that is full of drama, mystery, sadness, true deep love, and a huge and amazing family and town. I LOVED this story, it definitely has some deep topics (rape, abuse etc) that would be hard for anyone to go through but the strength that Elle has is inspiring and even though you know that no she isn't real it still is inspiring because you know that people are like that in real life. I also think that insane deep love that Jackson has for Elle is so incredibly beautiful and seeing the layers behind Jackson was some of my favorite parts of the book, especially we have seen him in the other stories, but never knew too much about who he is as a person. Plus the final scene with the insane *Spoiler Alert* wedding scene was great and the changing of the house the best ending that anyone could ask for! I also enjoyed the "hint" at the next series for Sea Haven and if you were looking for it you could see what was going to come next! Overall this was an AMAZING series that was extremely well written and each story was great and I love the sisters and their men and this series!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Turbulent Sea

Book: Turbulent Sea (Drake Sisters #6)
Author: Christine Feehan

Summary: Joley Drake is well known rock superstar that is followed everywhere she goes. She like her sisters has been given many gifts and one of her's is the gift of her voice, that has the power to enrapture people if used in harmful ways. Ilya Prakenskii is a bodyguard with his own hidden magical talents and he is more than aware of the power that Joley has. While Ilya is working for a Russian mobster he is unable to let his "awareness" of Joley go by and when her life is threatened while she is on tour he will do anything within his power to keep her safe. During this time the two grow closer and closer and their hidden love for each other becomes more and more public for everyone to see. The question is will they be able to work through all their issues and still come out on the other side?

Review: This book is a little different from the others in the sense that the story/ main plot line is beyond twisted and super dark and deep and deals with situations that are extremely dark and things that I know go on in the real world but wish didn't. Things like insane amounts of drugs at parties, underage girls, kidnappings, Russian Mobsters and so much more. I think that Ms. Feehan did a great job with these topics, but them into light for people to see and then created this beautiful love story around it! I love Ilya and how tough he is and the way he treats Joley is beautiful! It is also a super fun introduction to a male magical line and the idea that there potentially could be more out there (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge) This was a great read and makes it hard to believe that this series is almost over. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Safe Harbor

Book: Safe Harbor (Drake Sisters #6)
Author: Christine Feehan 

Summary:Hannah Drake is a world renowned super model, but deep inside is an extremely shy and quiet woman who yearns for home. She also yearns for Jonas Harrington and his love but believes he wants nothing to do with her. Jonas however has always loved Hannah and before he figured out that she is shy, he thought she was stuck up and snobby and wanted nothing to do with him. Now that he knows that isn't true he wants her and not just for a night but for forever. However he wants her to give up her job, something she hates and he hates as well. When she goes to finish a job tragedy strikes, to the point that neither of them are sure they will come out alive. They with the Drake family must work together to solve the mystery of who hates Hannah, and heal each other at the same time.

Review: I have to say that I waited SO LONG for this book to come and I could not wait for Hannah and Jonas's relationship to play out in the main part of the book. I was not disappointed and even though this book was and is a hard book to read in the sense that I cry every single time, each time it gets better and better and I love it more and more. It is so touching to see their relationship and to see Jonas love Hannah through anything especially the trialing times. Every time I just would sigh and wish to have someone like Jonas in my life to love me so deeply and passionately. I also love seeing the amazing side of Magic play out in the story line and the power it has in this book world. Again this is a powerful story that keeps you engaged the whole time and you don't want to put it down but see it to the bitter end. Christine Feehan does an amazing job yet again in her character development her story line and overall general writing style. I just love this book and have reread it many, many times. *Spoiler* The scene with all the sisters reading their letters to Hannah - Tears every single time!

Dangerous Tides

Book: Dangerous Tides (Drake Sisters #4)
Author: Christine Feehan 

Summary: Libby Drake is the level headed one of all the sisters. She is a doctor with a knack for healing people and is super down to earth. However she wants to be different and to break out of her shell. Ty Derrick is the opposite in the sense that he is an adrenaline junkie and although he is insanely smart he has such a hard time connecting with others. The two of them have always been "aware" of each other but until a freak accident happens and Libby is compelled to heal him even though the costs to herself and her sisters is huge. After the accident Ty is now not willing to leave Libby to herself but wants to be with her forever. The two of them though have to figure out who is out to get Libby and is the accident that happened to Ty really an accident or something more sinister. 

Review: I love Ty and Libby and their relationship is hilarious. I love Ty's humor especially when dealing with all of Libby's sisters. When he rattles off what Libby was wearing back in college is THE BEST. I also just really enjoy the amazing relationship between all the sisters and how they work together as a group which is so rare when dealing with sisters especially that many together. I think this book so far in the series is the best one, especially for being a full length novel. You are kept in suspense the whole time about who is out to hurt Libby and Ty and it keeps you guessing and wondering for the whole book. I also think that Christine Feehan does an amazing job in her writing and gets 5 stars in all areas including character development, plot line, writing style and more. If anyone ever asks me for a book reference Christine Feehan's books are one of the first that I give out!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Book: Myles (Carter Brothers)
Author: Lisa Helen Gray

Summary: Kayla Martin has had a very rough last few years and she is now heading back to the scene of where it all started. She is headed back to high school and is very hesitant and anxious about what can happen while there. Myles Carter was always there for her four years ago and now that she is back not only is he there for her, but so is his whole family. The only question is if Kayla  will be able to work through her personal and emotional problems to be together as well as solve the other deep issues that Kayla has been hiding. 

Review: This book and story line are not for the faint of hearts but can I just say it is one of the best books I have read! I think that Ms. Gray not only wrote an amazing story with a deep plot and characters that are extremely developed but she also tackled some extremely dark and difficult topics with grace. Plus we get to see even more into the Carter Brothers and their situation and how amazing they are as a family. I can't imagine anyone going through what Kayla does in the story and I hope that if anyone is going through these same situations in real life and reads this story they are able to gather strength and courage in their own situation. I CAN NOT wait for the next book and so far this new series has become one of my top favorites!