Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Twilight before Christmas

Book: Twilight before Christmas (Drake Sisters #2)
Author: Christine Feehan

Summary: Matt Granite has had a crush on Kate Drake for years. This crush has cause him to crash vehicles, have people laughing at him and years of deep unresolved feelings for someone he thinks is out of his league. Kate Drake is a bestselling novelist that comes from a family of powerful witches. She and Matt get caught up in an evil spirit that hates Christmas and all it stands for. Kate and Matt must work together to save the town and along the way the feelings they have for each other will show. But will they be able to save the town in time?

Review: I LOVE MATT GRANITE!!!!! The scene when he wrecks his car is not only hilarious but so endearing. Plus Kate is so sweet, but so hard on herself and she needs someone like Matt to show her how amazing she really is. I love the mystery behind the "Christmas" ghost and the whole time I read it I wanted to know who was controlling it and why. This writing was amazing and definitely makes you want to read the next book!