Monday, December 28, 2015


Book: Malik (Carter Brother Series #1)
Author: Lisa Helen Gray

Summary: Harlow Evans is a teenage girl that is going through the worst experience ever. Not only did she just lose both of her parents in a tragic incident but now she is forced to move cities and schools to live with her grandmother. However once she gets to school her situation goes from bad to even worse when she ends up on the wrong side of some bullies at the school. She does though happen to meet Malik Carter and his brothers who go out of their way to protect and help her! The only question is will they be able to protect her at all times?

Review: Somehow magically I just ended up seeing this book and thought it looked interesting and so decided to read it. HOLY FREAKING CRAPOLA am I glad that I did. First off though make sure when you read this book you have plenty of time to finish it in one sitting! I literally started it before work (worst mistake ever!) I did absolutely nothing at work except want to read this book. (I'm a kindergarten teacher so this was really not recommended) This book completely swept me off my feet and I freaking want a Carter brother for myself. I mean yes they are in high school and the love emotions are deep but two people who can go through something so tragic and come out on the other side deserve to find love and peace at young ages! Harlow is amazing! I know she is a character but I can only hope that I would have that kind of courage at my age to go through what she did! Malik is amazing too, I mean so protective of Harlow and his siblings and will do anything to protect them! LOVE IT!!! Honestly the feels this book sends me is crazy and I will definitely be recommending it to anyone and everyone!!!!!