Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Book: Mason (Carter Brothers #2)
Author: Lisa Helen Gray

Summary: Mason Carter has always had feelings for Denny Smith and after they both give in to those feelings he pushes her away. He believes that Denny deserves so much more than he can be and that his past of too many hook-ups and his biological DNA will get in the way of a relationship. Denny loves Mason but when he breaks her hear after she gives him her virginity she tries hard to move on. However she can't when she learns that Mason left something behind from that night...a child. Months later when Denny comes back home to testify for her friend Harlow, Mason knows that he has to do everything in his power to show Denny that he truly does love her and wants to be in her life. Beyond this though is a dark force that has the potential to destroy Denny's life. 

Review: Another sweet hit from Lisa Helen Gray!!!
1. I love seeing Mason work so hard to show Denny how he really does truly love/care for her! I can't imagine how hard it is to com pate believing that your biological DNA is bad and you can't be a good husband/father etc. Seeing Mason and the other Carter brothers try to move past their bad life to hope for a future full of good! 
2. Denny is AMAZING!!! Super strong heroine who not only is working through having her heart broken, learning she is pregnant, being kicked out of her home and now having to testify against someone who is evil and having others who are threatening her. Man she fights back hard and its awesome! 
3. Her Nan (and Harlow's Nan) are Kick a** - I want to be like them when I grow up!
4. The book is super intense and always keeps you guessing and interested in the story line! 
5. Great read and this series is definitely on its way to becoming one of my favorite new series!!!! 

Monday, December 28, 2015


Book: Malik (Carter Brother Series #1)
Author: Lisa Helen Gray

Summary: Harlow Evans is a teenage girl that is going through the worst experience ever. Not only did she just lose both of her parents in a tragic incident but now she is forced to move cities and schools to live with her grandmother. However once she gets to school her situation goes from bad to even worse when she ends up on the wrong side of some bullies at the school. She does though happen to meet Malik Carter and his brothers who go out of their way to protect and help her! The only question is will they be able to protect her at all times?

Review: Somehow magically I just ended up seeing this book and thought it looked interesting and so decided to read it. HOLY FREAKING CRAPOLA am I glad that I did. First off though make sure when you read this book you have plenty of time to finish it in one sitting! I literally started it before work (worst mistake ever!) I did absolutely nothing at work except want to read this book. (I'm a kindergarten teacher so this was really not recommended) This book completely swept me off my feet and I freaking want a Carter brother for myself. I mean yes they are in high school and the love emotions are deep but two people who can go through something so tragic and come out on the other side deserve to find love and peace at young ages! Harlow is amazing! I know she is a character but I can only hope that I would have that kind of courage at my age to go through what she did! Malik is amazing too, I mean so protective of Harlow and his siblings and will do anything to protect them! LOVE IT!!! Honestly the feels this book sends me is crazy and I will definitely be recommending it to anyone and everyone!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

My Savior

Book: My Savior (Bewitched and Bewildered #4)
Author: Alanea Alder

Summary: Amelia has been dreaming of her mate since she was a little girl. She has longed for her golden Prince and is deeply hurt when she finally meets him and he denies her as his mate. However Darian has a good reason for this. He is so close to succumbing to his darkness and even though Amelia can help him out he is more worried about bringing her down. Than an unexpected tragedy throws the two of them together clinging to each other to survive. 

Review: Holy Cazolies! Alanea Alder does it again! She completely knocked this out of the park! It's such an amazing story and I've read it so many times already and each time gets better and better. Alanea Alder does an amazing job on the characters and their behavior! Amelia is super spunky and so crazy that she makes Maryn look adjusted! Daria is a Fae that has this dark side, as well as a light to him that you can't help but root for. We also learn so much about the Ferrel's and their plan and why they are behaving the way they are! Alanea Alder is an amazing author when one of the best series I've ever read!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oceans of Fire

Book: Oceans of Fire (Drake Sisters #3)
Author: Christine Feehan 

Summary: Abigail Drake hails from a family with a long line of powerful witches. Her gift is an affinity with the Ocean and the creatures in it, especially dolphins. She also has the power to make people tell the truth, something that she hates. However she does enjoy the dolphins and loves to study them all over the world. This research takes her to Russia in which she finds herself falling in love with Aleksandr Volstov who is an agent. He ends up using Abigail for her gifts, and leaves her thinking she has been betrayed. Abigail leaves in a hurry and flees back to Sea Haven and her sisters to heal. While there she finds herself in the middle of a Russian operation that leads her back to Aleksandr. Alek knows he's going to do everything in his power to keep Abby safe and win back her love. 

Review: I give this 3.5 out of 5 stars and trust me I hated to do it to one of my favorite authors. I think the writing was perfect and the plot line was intriguing but the weak point was in the character of Abby. For some unknown reason she is my least favorite sister and I just can't really enjoy her and this definitely made the book a little harder to read. However just because I don't enjoy her doesn't mean others wont enjoy it! I did enjoy the plot line and their was a great mystery and introductions to some new characters that will come into play later in the series! Christine Feehan does a great job of keeping you sucked into the plot with out making their be too many different story lines going on. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Twilight before Christmas

Book: Twilight before Christmas (Drake Sisters #2)
Author: Christine Feehan

Summary: Matt Granite has had a crush on Kate Drake for years. This crush has cause him to crash vehicles, have people laughing at him and years of deep unresolved feelings for someone he thinks is out of his league. Kate Drake is a bestselling novelist that comes from a family of powerful witches. She and Matt get caught up in an evil spirit that hates Christmas and all it stands for. Kate and Matt must work together to save the town and along the way the feelings they have for each other will show. But will they be able to save the town in time?

Review: I LOVE MATT GRANITE!!!!! The scene when he wrecks his car is not only hilarious but so endearing. Plus Kate is so sweet, but so hard on herself and she needs someone like Matt to show her how amazing she really is. I love the mystery behind the "Christmas" ghost and the whole time I read it I wanted to know who was controlling it and why. This writing was amazing and definitely makes you want to read the next book!

Magic in the wind

Book: Magic in the Wind (Drake Sisters #1)
Author: Christine Feehan

Summary: The Drake family is a witch family full of secrets and power. Their town of Sea Haven protects them and love's them for all that they do. When the oldest of the seven sisters comes home it is all the town can talk about. Damon Wilder came to Sea Haven for a refuge to rest his weary body and mind, but all he can hear whispered is "Sarah's coming home". Damon is curious and goes to Sarah to find out more about her. However, when Damon came to Sea Haven he didn't come alone, so Sarah must use her powers to help save him. 

Review: I'm not gonna lie Damon Wilder is 100% my kind of man! A smart, stubborn hot guy who knows exactly what he wants. I love that he is literally so preoccupied with the paint from the family house that he misses other things. It's hilarious! I think this book was a great start to an amazing series. It was a great introduction to the Drake sisters and their powers. Christine Feehan has a great writing style that intrigues you and sucks you in until the book is over! I did give this 4.5 stars out of 5 just because I know she could have made it even more amazing then it already is! 


Book: Smiley (New Species #13)
Author: Laurann Dohner 

Vanni is forced to go to a conference with her fiance to support his father's church. Vanni goes out when she finds out that they are protesting against the NSO. She gets so angry and goes to a hotel bar to calm down, little does she know she has just landed herself smack dap into the middle of a conspiracy. She and a New Species known as Smiley were both drugged with something that makes them extremely sexually attracted to each other. When the two of them come down from their drug high they need to figure out who drugged them and why. Smiley though is more than willing to bet that Vanni had nothing to do with it and is willing to bet his life on it. 

Smiley has always been a favorite of mine and I have been waiting for so long for his story. I have to say that this story did not disappoint and I was so happy to finally see a primate get a story. This book was great and really ties in to the breeding drug that True's mate had been tested to deal with. Laurann Dohner does a great job in tying in all the different stories into a cohesive story line and flows well from one story to another. This book also had a ton of mysterious things that needed to be solved and kept you engaged the whole time! Plus I love a good species story and Laurann Dohner does not disappoint.