Sunday, June 21, 2015

Not Broken

Book: Not Broken (True Destiny #5) 
Author: Dana Marie Bell

Summary: Magnus Grimm and his family were able to save Loki's song Slepnir from Odin. What Magnus did not know is that Slepnir is a horse shifter that has been hiding his human side from everyone including his own father. Slepnir has been watching the God's for centuries and has always been attracted to not only Magnust but also Sylvia the Goddess Sif and Thor's ex-wife. Sylvia no longer wants to follow Odin or Frig but Loki and Baldur are not sure if she is to be trusted. She must not only prove her loyalty but also her love for Magnus and Slade. 

Review: I'm not gonna lie in this story the relationship boundaries in this story push the limit a little. I mean Sylvia is Magnus's ex-Step-Mom which takes time to digest and move past. However the relationship between the three does seem to work and the way they work out their problems is beautiful. I also love the introduction of the new characters an I can't wait to see how their stories play out as well! 

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars.