Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Never More

Book: Never More (Gray Court #6)
Author: Dana Marie Bell

Summary: Amanda Pierson is on what she thought was a vacation to see her BFF Ruby. Somehow though she is roped into planning a last-minute wedding for Michaela and Robin. No problem, right? Raven Goodfellow has been watching Amanda and knows she is his truebond. Just his luck to find his mate smack dap in the middle of an assassination attempt and being framed for murder. Raven must attempt to hold onto all that is dear to him and explain what's going on to Amanda and attend his father's wedding! 

Review: Best Book Ever!!! I'm not one to pick a favorite in a series until they are all written but I just can help myself because this book is amazing. For me the characters are just perfect! I've always had a thing for Raven since he was introduced in Robin's story. He has a sexy name, he's sweet yet a bad a** at the same time. Plus he has awesome powers and when he clips on the feather to her I mean who wouldn't love that! Amanda is a great character as well, witty, strong an a little devious! I mean the scene when they are eating dinner and turning each other on is the freaking best!!!

I definitely give this 5 out of 5 stars!!!!! 

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