Sunday, June 21, 2015

Morgan's Fate

Book: Morgan's Fate (True Destiny #4)
Author: Dana Marie Bell

Summary: Morgan Grimm has lusted over the fate Skuld for centuries\, never believing he could ever have her. Skylar otherwise known as Skuld,  Norn of the Future has believed herself to be human for many years but in the last few days things have been happening to change her world. What she comes to realize is that she is a Norn but when she tampered with the God's fate her memories were taken from her as were her powers. She and Morgan must fight together not only to save their family but also each other.

Review: This series seems to just get better and better with each book! Dana Marie Bell is on of my favorite authors because not only are he stories amazingly well written and researched but you are dying to know what happens next! The   repertoire with not only the main characters but the other as well is what keeps the storyline fun and interesting for you to be interested in each persons story. I love a series in which not a single book disappoints of you! 

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars!