Friday, June 12, 2015


Book: Damon (The Protector Series #1)
Author: Teresa Gabelman

Summary: Vampires are now out in the public due to a popular drug called Crimson Rush that is made from vampire blood. To supply this demand human children are being changed into vampires and now social workers like Nicole Callahan have their hands full trying to protect their charges and themselves. Damon is a VC Warrior that is in charge of training the human social workers to protect themselves. Nicole intrigues him and he can't help but want to protect her. However Damon does not want a relationship with a human woman having been hurt in the past. This though will change when a bounty is put on Nicole. 

Review: Who doesn't love a good vampire book? This is such a great twist on a vampire relationship and there is definitely a ton of drama and suspense to keep you page turning to find out what happens next. I did only give it 4 stars because there seemed to be some plot lines that ended a little too quickly or without a lot of real thought and effort. 

4 out of 5 stars.