Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Written on my heart

Book: Written on my heart (Oracles #1)
Author: Tracey Jane Jackson – Piper Davenport (Pen Name)

Summary: Andi Rivers is digging out from under a nasty divorce and tragic childhood. While working in the ER, the registered nurse never expects to run into an old flame...or discover there is still something between them.

Dalton Moore has spent the past few years living in Scotland, close to his sister who has been "bound" into an immortal race of Vikings. His focus has been on keeping her and their newfound family safe, until his father has a heart attack and Dalton rushes to his parents' side.

In coming home, he's once again face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart years ago and she's not ready to let him in. When she's threatened by an unknown source, he finds himself unwilling to let her go.

But will holding on mean losing his life...or hers?

Review: This is a super fun and unique new take on the Cauld Ane series. First we get the story of Dalton who we meet all the way back in book one. The story that plays between Dalton and Andi is one that has gone on from years ago and has finally come to a head now.  I love the way Dalton knows Andi is his, he loves her and that he is going to marry her one day. This kind of Alpha attitude always gives me chills up and down my spine and I hope someday to find a man like this. I also love Andi and she is such a strong woman who has gone through so many obstacles and come out an amazing woman.  The new plot line in this story was also super interesting and it was a fun twist and I can’t wait to read about the other oracles to come!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bound By Joy

Book: Bound by Joy (Cauld Ane #7.5)
Author: Tracey Jane Jackson – Piper Davenport (Pen Name)

Summary: A Cauld Ane Christmas Novella

Kenna McFadden has waited more than two hundred years for her mate and she finds him in a most unexpected way.

On a mission to find his missing niece, prince Gunnar Baldersson finds someone far more precious to him.

Join in their bonding as they fall in love while celebrating the sweetness and joy of Christmas.

Review: YAY for a Christmas book!!! I love this book for so many reasons! 1. I have been waiting for Kenna to find a match since Max’s book so I’m so happy that it has finally happened. 2. Gunnar is such an amazing match and I love their story. 3. The BABIE’s I love seeing the other matches/mates kids and relationships 4. Christmas – need I say more. This was such a fun read and even though it is a “novella” status I felt like it was still its own whole book!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bound By Light

Book: Bound by Light (Cauld Ane #7)
Author: Tracey Jane Jackson – Piper Davenport (Pen Name)

Summary: Thane Allen is the biggest movie star on the planet. He has money, status, and the ability to make people do what he tells them to with just a word. But he's without his mate and is losing hope that he will ever find her.

Sydney Warren has lost both her parents and makes a daring choice to move to London to live with her cousin. A chance encounter puts her in the path of what she considers nothing more than a fantasy, until that fantasy pursues her.

Will Thane be able to convince her he's genuine?
When a threat no one saw coming threatens Sydney's life, will Thane be able to save her?

Review: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thane!!! I feel like he has become my favorite in the Cauld Ane group. I think he is the sweetest most amazing man and he is just perfect for Sydney and what she needs. Also the drama with Sydney was crazy and I was not expecting the plot twist that happened. I loved the story line so much. I think that the author does an amazing job of keeping this overall storyline alive and wonderful and each book different. I think that this is such a fun series and I can’t wait to see what happens next.